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theinfinitywords.blogspot.com is a personal blog for informational purposes only.

All content publish in the blog are solely belong to the owner and written by the owner. Any views, opinions and thoughts in this blog does not represented by people, organization, community or basically anyone that the owner may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated.

Proper Credit

⚫ Please do not take or copy any contents from this blog without asking for permission and giving a proper credit for it.
⚫ If any of the contents in my blog I have not proper credit to you and you want me to take down the content, thus, you shall contact me, and I will remove it as soon as possible.


⚫ Any downloadable file, including but not limited to PDF, DOC, JPEG, PNG, etc, is provided at the user's own risk.

⚫ Owner would not responsible for any losses, injury, or damage resulting from a corrupted or damage file.


⚫ All images that I used in my blog is from the stock photo, which I download it from pexel.com and stocksnap.io or stock photo I received from blogs that I have subscribed to it.
⚫ Some of the image in the blog I use are mine.


⚫ All comments are welcome. You are granted to agree or disagree to the content, but the owner has the right to remove or edit any harmful comments submitted to this blog without notice.

⚫ Spam/Profanity comments/Using offensive language/Containing hate speech/ Threat to the individual or group will subjected to removing the comments immediately.

Collaboration/Sponsorship/Reviewing/Advertorial/Event Invitation

⚫ I accept on doing a collaboration, sponsorship, reviewing, advertorial or event invitation, which you should be able to contact me and I will reply it as soon as possible.

⚫ I also accept a cash payments from your companies and/or receiving a products from your companies in exchange of an honest reviews.

For more discussion, you shall be contact me at : fatinamdzfrblog@yahoo.com

Note: This blog disclaimer is subject to change at anytime without notifications.
Thank you to Sample Blog Disclaimer also The Social Medic for guidance on doing a blog disclaimer and disclosure that been publish on your blog.

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