About Me


The Infinity Words has been re-branded on June 15th, 2017 (before, it was named as Fatina Mdzfr), which means, there is no words would ever describe how much I love and enjoy books very much. Basically, books are my life, it can bring me to a place beyond my imagination. After years of hiding myself behind the books, I decided to share my love toward books with everyone in the world, hence, The Infinity Words is born.

A little about myself.

My name is Fatina Mudz, you can call me Fatina, Fatin, or Tina. It's your choice and I'm definitely, 100% okay with it. Hey, I don't bite people but if you're making me mad then I'll turn into hulk lol kidding 😏 and another fact about myself in 6 bullet points 
  • 26 years old on July 2017 🎉 (eekk, in 4 years I'll be turning 30!😱)
  • I am the second mother (after their mother, of course!) of my two baby cats 😻
  • I am a Retail Business graduate but writing is my life 
  • My dream is to work in Publishing House and really want to be an Editor (I hope I can achieve this dream, please pray for me!) 🙇💓
  • Read, watching korean drama/reality shows and sleeping is my hobby.
  • I love to use emoji a lot like really a lot because it seems boring if there is no emoji, sound so serious. 🙆

I guess that is all about myself. If you want to know more, please don't afraid to ask because I will certainly answer you in no time. Because I'm cool liddat yaw!💃 Please, don't forget to leave your link so that, I can pay a visit to your blog. ❤️️

Anyway, any inquiries, you may contact me at - fatinamdzfrblog@yahoo.com ❤️



  1. aumm very shy shy ah? ahaks xD hello kak fatin :*

    1. I'm very shy shy one maaa :P
      aww, terasa diri ku begitu tua sudah hahaha :P
      hai adik Eyqa!! :D

  2. Hi Sis Fatin :)
    First time enter to your blog. And im totally fall in love.
    we share same interest. hee. Well, nice to know you hee :)