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October 16, 2018

Book Review: The Girl With The Lost Smile by Miranda Hart

book review

Publisher: Hachette Children's Group 
Publication Date: October 5th, 2017
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
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Source: Huge thanks to Pansing Books for the review copy.


Chloe Long has lost her smile. She's looked everywhere for it. (Under her pillow. Under her bed. Under her nose. Obviously.)

She's tried everything to bring it back. (Her favourite cake. Her favourite gran. Her favourite joke. Obviously.) But nothing seems to be working!

Until one night, something utterly magical happens - and Chloe finds herself on an adventure that is out of this world ...


The story follows with 11 years old girl named Chloe Long who is a very cheerful and bright girl, always putting a smile on her face that makes other people she mets smile too. However, during her 11th birthday, she lost her smile which one of the things that cause it was when her parents forget her birthday, a lot of arguements happened between her parents, things got real messy in the house. She felt lost, sad and it makes her stay in her room to be in imagination world she created. One day, her imagination world brings to live to help her to find her smile again.

The story is written beautifully. I'm having so much fun reading the story even more when she is in her imagination world where she met Godfrey, Hoppy, the king and the queen also the prince. Reading this book makes my day brighten as I've been in tough situation lately so, it gives me the pleasure and happiness when I feel so lost in these past month which I am thankful to the author for writting such a wonderful story even more, it makes my inner kid's imagination comes to life to.  

The plot of the story is amazing although, the pace was a little bit slow to reach to the parts I'm so eager to know what happen next, though, it did give fill up my day and lost in Chloe's imagination world. I guess it is true when your parents argue way too much in the house it did give us pressure and that's when we started want to escape to our own imagination world and there are real friends who always by our side no matter in what situation we are in. It's a reality, isn't it? It's a lovely read.

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