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September 9, 2017
wrap up

I just realized (okay, fine I do well aware of the new month!) that it is already September! I know I know, I have always been so excited to write a wrap-up post but not this time. I'm late and I guess I was too occupied with Eid Adha and you know, just relax at home, watching tv and all. I guess that's why this time the post is a little bit late than usual.

Let's leave that behind and continue with what I supposed to share here. Alright, let's begin.


Definitely, my reading in August is a little bit better than in July. Adding one book in August is better than nothing, right? Anyway, here is the books I have read in the month of August.


Love in The Friend Zone by Molly E. Lee -
A story between Braylen and Fynn. Two best friends that very much in love with each other but they taught it would be better off not telling their feelings to each other, afraid it would affect their friendship. Swoon-worthy!

Breakaway by Cate Cameron -
Dawn wants to escape from having a relationship with a hockey boyfriend. She does not want anything to do with sport and then, she met Logan, she feels very happy, excited to have know someone new, someone who is not a hockey player but the thing is that Logan is an NHL hockey player. What will happen to those two?

A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray (Firebird #3) -
There will be a new dimension for Marguerite to explore and the chance to meet many Marguerite for another dimension. Catching the 'Wicked' Marguerite. Convincing Paul, they two were meant together as what they see in every dimension they been to.

Kiss Me in New York by Catherine Rider -
The journey for the two heartbroken people who met on Christmas Eve and spend time together to complete the adventure they opt from the books purchased by Charlotte - Ten Easy Steps for Getting Over Your Ex.

  • On 30th August, I went to MPH Bookerville held at Setia City Convention Centre and I only bought 1 book and 1 journal. 
  • As you see in the photo, the book I bought was - The End of The World As We Know It by Iva-Marie Palmer. I never heard of this book before and I did not read the synopsis. I pick this book because of the cover!! But of course, after buying it I search on Goodreads and the rating is quite high. Hopefully, I could read somewhere this month (hopefully!!).

  • I have received 8 books from the publisher for review in the of month August. A few of the books from the publisher through NetGalley and some of it is directly from the publisher itself.
  • So far, I have read and reviewed 4 books as you can see above. 
  • I'm thrilled to read another 4 books and there are more books I actually have received in early September. So, YAY! I'm excited!
august wrap up

  • A busy month for me, as I'm baking and selling my cookies. But I have not yet made it official because for now, my sister sells the cookies to her friends at school. Trying my best to brush up my skills in my baking first and trying to improve my cookies before launching it on my Instagram. 
  • What else? Work? Stacking up as usual. I don't want to talk about it, anyway.
I think I forgot what else that I did in the month of August. Oh, my goodness. I'm sorry! But, let's move on.

wrap up
Do you notice that I already remove my chat box? I feel my blog lighter than usual. The reason why I remove it is that I want us to communicate more through comment box, having a chit chat there. Give your opinion and I will absolutely reply your comments back. I always feel so excited whenever I see there is a comment on my post. It always makes my day. To those of you who always comment on my post. Thank you! <3 p="">
Don't you agree with what I say?

comment and reply
What's happened in your August? How many books have you purchased?

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