Living in a Condominium/Apartment [Part 1]

July 5, 2017
As you may know (or may not), I have been living in a condominium for almost 15 years in a condominium and for the rest number of years, I'm living at a landed property. But those 11 years of living in a condominium was between 1994 until 1997 (when I was still a kid, I don't remember much of it) and 2006 until 2017 and I can say that it was such a wonderful moments that we're going to cherish it.


So, I guess if such a wonderful moments, why would we want to move to landed property, right? That's the reason of this whole things that I want to share here with you. I want to bring your imagination in living at condominium and how/what does it feel to live there (might be helpful for you, if you thinking on moving in to a condominium). Without further ado, let's get into it.

Living in a Condominium

The vital reason of why we pick condominium is because of the security reason. Those days when we were still a kid, my parents make a decision to move to a condominium, one is they don't have to worry about any security issue and also because of the amenities that been provided by the condominium has intrigued my parents to choose living in a condominium and also us as a kids whom been struck by the most beautiful swimming pool. You know, splashing waters in a pool, bring your floating boat, who does not want that?

Other great things, you can have here is that, you have your own parking space which you would not have to worry about people snatch since, each of the parking will have your house numbers  (though, it does happen sometimes when someone park at your space *facepalm* #icannotlie) but I'm not sure other place. They do have, right? I hope that.

Privacy is another thing you could own living in a condominium. I don't know you but that's what we felt when we live in a condominium. It's like you have been block by outside world and having your own space without any worry of interfere other people's space.

FA, mine
The view from my old house. #nofilter
Of course, the view from your balcony is definitely wonderful. Especially if you living high up in the sky. Well, we live at 12th floor and the view is mesmerizing but I have an acrophobia but I have to force myself standing at the balcony just for the sake of drying our clothes.

Last but not least, neighbourhood plays an important role in wherever we live at, right? For all those years living in a condominium, our neighbour were all nice people we've ever met. It's a multiracial community also there are many foreigner from Sudan, Pakistan, Arab, and Korea. Indeed a wonderful experience. I'm going to miss the community. The community where we all having a Raya celebration, Chinese New Year celebration, Deepavali celebration and many other celebration when we were living there and is terrific!

Living in a condominium, there are also downside of it but I really don't want to talk about. Because why would I? I really want to remember it as a happy place where we used to live and the fact that, nowadays, there are many new condominium being build here in Malaysia, so I want all of you to enjoy living there as we had before. So, to those who living in a condominium, have fun and for those who are planning to live in a condominium do enjoy it! 😘

My intention of writing this post is to share with you how is it living in a condominium and why choose to live in a condominium/apartment. I'm thinking to share part 2 on this topic but I'm not sure what, maybe you could give me some idea?

What would you like to know more about living in a condominium/apartment?

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