Fatina's Things #6 - New Home, New Job

May 28, 2017

Hello People of Bloggers 💞

How have you been? I really really do miss blogging, miss my laptop and of course, I miss all my readers. Anyways, today is the second day of puasa and I've..no we've been so busy moving our belongings from our old house to the new house and it takes freaking long and we're really exhausted.

#From Condominium to Landed Property

Moving from 12th floor to a landed property is really obviously much more exhausting since, we need to make hundreds of times going up and down putting our stuff into the cars and drive to the new house which take it about half and hour drive. No, we've not yet finish move our belongings yet. 😩

Nonetheless, we really are excited to live in this new house. Why? Because it has been 11 years (if I'm not mistaken) living high up in the sky and now, we're back to the ground. Yay! Anyway, hopefully we will finish moving our stuff by tomorrow 🙌🏼

#New Job

Next week on Thursday will be a new start in my career life. The position I've been offered is really new to me definitely not related with my course at all but why not try something new, right? The position that I've been offered by the company is Script Writer. I'm really nervous about it. I hope I can do my best and be creative with the ideas.

Because you're talking about animation company. An animation been loving by thousands of children even adults and that's..just make me more nervous whenever I think about it. 😮

I guess I'm going to talk to you soon 🌻

Ramadhan Mubarak to all muslims in the world ❤️


  1. wauu script writer didi n friends ke ni? hehe btw happy ramadhan al-mubarak

  2. wah bestnya. congrats on ur new job fatina. always do ur best!

    mmg mcm ssh je nak pindah rmh ni kan. byk kerja. lagi2 kalau tinggal tingakt 12 tu alamakkk. penat la nak turun naik even guna lift. huhu.

  3. Okay now I'm excited to know more about your new job..!
    Anyways salam ramadhan to you .. 💕

  4. Wow, nice job offer you got! Wish you all the best in new environment and plishhh tell us more about your job nantii hihi

  5. All the best! Yass moving is so tiring

  6. Hahaha no..
    Ramadhan mubarak to you too..

  7. Insha Allah I will try my best! Thanks Echa! ❤️

    Sangat banyak kerja nak pengsan dah huhu ☹

  8. I will update more about my job soon 😘
    Salam ramadhan to you, Razanah 😘

  9. Thank you, Lya! 💞
    Sure I will! Nanti kita update always about my job tau. 🤗

  10. Thank you, Shesyira 😘
    It is...tak larat sangat huhu

  11. Cant wait to hear about that animation. 😍 good luck on your new job fatina and happy fasting

  12. A script writer? What an exciting job. All the best Fatina and hopefully you'll finish moving soon.

  13. Wow script writer that sound interesting . All the best Fatina! =)

    And , can't wait for you to share your working experience as a script writer . It must be interesting to read <3

  14. Thank you, Eyqa! 💞 happy fasting too 😊

  15. A script writer. Hopefully, I can do my best huhu Thank you, Afifah 😊

  16. Thank you, Nadiah! 😘

    Insha Allah 😊

  17. Bestnyaaa Fatina dah pindah landed house! Harap semuanya berjalan lancar ye. Malas unpacking tak? Hehe.

    Good luck in your new job! Nanti story pasal kerja Fatina okay. Maksudnya buat skrip untuk anime ke?

  18. All da best...

    Bro semua offer kerja bro dapat xpernah ada kaitan dengan bidang yang Bro ambil haha...

    Dan kebanyakan, bro xpernah apply hahahahha

  19. Dah settle dah. Akhirnya! Hehehe unpacking tu lah paling malas sekali hehe 😂

    Thank you, Siqah! :)

  20. wow the job sound interesting. i'm sure you gonna nail it! don't worry okay.

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