Make Our Life More Wonderful with New Veet Sensitive Touch

March 28, 2017
To use a tweezer for my armpit is freaking painful and I don't like that! It feel like someone pinch your skin using their nails or even using normal razor is quite painful because it might make our skin bleeding a bit. Ergh! 😢 Well, I guess I don't need to worry about it anymore with the new beauty gadget that will safe my skin from being hurt! Wait! What is the name of that beauty gadget? Let me introduce to you the - Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer! Ahhhh! My life saver!

electric trimmer

Anyway, before I share with you my personal experience on using Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer, let me tell you what is inside the box.

  • One Beauty Styler (the body)
  • One Two-sided Precision Head for Optimal Eyebrow Shaping
  • One Bikini Trimming Head
  • Two Comb Attachments
  • One Styler Cap
  • One Cleaning Brush
  • One Beauty Pouch
  • One AA Battery
The product is detachable, easy to change the cap and also it make more easy in cleaning it. But, how to use Veet Sensitive Electric Trimmer?

electric trimmer

As I said before, the head is detachable, you can replace to which you want to use. You have to only twist the head and change it. It is super simple and easy to replace them. Then, next you can attach the comb at upper of the head and boom! Done! You can use it now! 😍

Whereas, the battery is situated at the below of the body and again you need to twist it to left and bang! It open! Told ya! It is easy peasy to use, right? 😘

Next, I would like to share you beside trimming your armpit hair, what else does Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer offer to you ?  
  • Eyebrow Shaping! I have not try this yet because I love the way my eyebrow look. lol 😋
  • Trimming Upper Lip & Chin Hair.
  • Trimming Bikini & Underarm 
  • and even trimming your sideburn!
There you go! Doesn't it sound amazing to you? You can do 4 things just by using this new Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer! We are so in love with this product so much! I mean, me and my sister. hiks

My Thoughts

To be honest, when I first receive this beauty gadget and I hesitated a bit to use it. It is because I'm afraid it will hurt my skin or even cause my skin to bleed but. BUT! I was frickin' absolutely wrong!! IT DOES NOT HURT AT ALL! Even when I'm using it, I didn't really feel the sharpness razor tip and it feel so gentle and it can be done in just a minute. 

For having said that, I'm happy with how it work on my skin. Smooth and super duper clean! Uuuu la la la! I'm so happy with the outcomes that it makes me want to dance! 💃 

I do really recommend every girls to have this beauty gadget - Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer! Not only for the sake of to trim all the hair but of course, girls, this is for hygienic purposes especially underarms' hair also, and the thing is that Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer will cut our time and it doesn't need too many skills in trimming and shaping the hair on our body! 

*Thank you, Veet Malaysia and Bridges PR for this incredible product!


  1. This look so damn interesting! But i stop shaving or trimming with razors because i found waxing and threading more convenient hehe

    Atheera /

  2. Is it? Haven't try waxing for my armpits yet! Is it less painful? :)

  3. Waxing is painful but i rasa puas sbb dia tarik bulu dari akar tu haha. Then normally it takes more than 2 weeks to grow back so i can worry less 😅

  4. I read about waxing as well, mind sharing later? hehe :D

  5. I read about waxing as well, mind sharing later? hehe :D

  6. hmm tang yang cabut sampai akar tu yg baru puas hati kan lambat sikit tumbuh hehe :D nak try lah waxing nanti :D

  7. Menarik !!!! And suka colornya pink !!!

  8. Kan comel gila!!! Hehehe beli lah satu, Nadia :D

  9. Tue laaa nak cari satu lah =)