Fatina's Things #2 - Some Talks..

January 21, 2017
series #2

Well, you know, there are some people do judge a person by its cover, right? I admit that I used to judge people before knowing them, when I was young, by all means, when I was so immature, when I was like 18 - 23 years old, I did that and I am so regret upon doing it because, why should I did that in the first place? I didn't know them, I only hear about them from someone else, which you should never do that. Never ever. It's totally such a wasting time your time, waste your energy on doing that and you will feel regret on doing it - unless, it is obvious. lol

What I'm trying to say here is that, you only know my name, here on my blog, you might saw my pictures, read my blog post, but you never know who I am and I don't know you too, hence, I won't judge you based on your writing on your blog. If I make a mistake in my blog, write some grammar's mistake/silly topics/basically any mistake I make in this blog, you may say it straight on the comments, so that, I can make a change on it and I will learn from the mistake I make. 🙂

Anyway, why am I writing this at the first place? Honestly, this is nothing to do with me, but well, I just think that I should write this, just in case, I guess, if you find any mistake on my writings - grammar mistake, etc, you could just leave your comments on the post and tell me if there is anything I should correct it, basically, because I want to improve my english writing and I want my blog to be better every single day!

Well, it is weekends, thus, time for rest! Oh, tomorrow is my dad's birthday! Yay! So excited! Okay, I shall make a plan for tomorrow. hiks Good night! 😊

Wait, why my blog's font looks weird? I don't change anything? Hmm?

My first intention to write some ghost stories that myself I have an experience about it but then I'm scare ._.

p/s: I love all my readers! Thank you for reading my post and for being a loyal reader for my blog. ❤

p.p/s : Oh no, I found many spelling mistake! lol 😅😅 Told you! Fatina Fatina haih


  1. Happy birthday to your dad.. ! Well, I hardly judge people based on grammar since even I myself tend to make mistake on it.. xD

  2. thank you, Raz! :)
    Tuhlah kan, myself pun banyak buat mistake, hopefully tak ada siapa lah yang judge based on that, since, I'm like what 26 but still make those mistake, rasa malu pulak hehe

  3. Happy birthday in advance to your dad, eh lagi beberapa minit je, hihihi.

    Mai lagi tak akan judge orang yang menulis dalam English, kagum lagi adalah sebab berani walaupun English bukanlah first language kita, hihi.

    Tajuk merepek? Hahaha blog sendiri pun terkontang kanting. Ala tulis je, blog kita kan? Hahaha.

  4. tuhlah berapa minit je lagi ni :p thank you, Mai! :)

    kan rasa macam tiba-tiba rasa insecure pulak, takut terbagi tajuk entah apa2 nanti korang macam 'eeii apa fatina ni merepek ni :p"

    okay bukan apa, sebenarnya takut tajuk tu lari sangat dengan isinya, sebab kita ada banyak idea merepek ni! tuh yang tulis in advance gituuuu hehe :p

  5. Thank for being an awesome blogger fatina. 😘

  6. I always judge people from the first time i see him/ her. But i trust my instincts. If from the day one the person already pandang slack to me, then i will do the same for a specific reason.
    Heck. It is better knowing and befriended with internet friends je.

    XX Atheera | http://atheeradayana.com XX

  7. Thank you for being my awesome friend, Eyqa 😘

  8. Hmm tau tak apa, kalau tak semena-mena pandang slack, well, you're going to get that from me, by stay away from you haha yuppp, totally agreed! :)

  9. sometimes i just couldnt help but judge but always look for the bright side of it. well just human kan.

  10. I love this kind of rant :D haha, I wish I can rant more on my blog T_T

  11. hehe why not, Hanis? just few rant I think should be okay? :)

  12. i hope it is not to late to wish a happy birthday to your dad, fatina :D
    keep blogging ya :)

  13. You know I love your blog right? :) Keep blogging Fatina <3

  14. No worries ... i love your blog dear and of course all your book reviews . Bagi guideline jugak bila nadia nak beli buku slalu 😊

  15. hehe thank you, BV! :)
    Insha Allah and you too, BV! :)

  16. Thank you, Siqah <3
    I love your blog toooo 😘

  17. hehe thank you, Nadiah! <3
    your words meant so much to me :)

  18. Betol betol. Jgn cepat judge. Entah dia cam mane kat luar kita tak tahu sebab tk kenal. Kalau btol btol kenal ok nk judge :)