How Do I Find Inspiration To Blog

December 19, 2016
How Do I Find Inspiration To Blog

Blogging has been part of my life, something that I would never ever to abandon it again. Looking back at the past, how I feel guilty for not taking it seriously. I'm pretty annoyed with myself, for taking this for granted. But, that's enough, I should be thinking forward, on how to expand my blog, to inspire others also motivating myself.

But before I inspire others with the post that I have had shared before and more posts in the future, I. myself, also has to find an inspiration to blog, isn't it?

Frankly speaking, it is quite a tough one. Because I am not the one that, just sitting in front my laptop and then, the ideas just pop up on my mind in a blink of an eye. Sometime it takes days even weeks or months to find a great idea, something that is really worth to share, something that really makes everyone enjoy reading my post and have tiny of sparks when you reading my blog, which I mean, you receive something good in return after, you read my blog.

I love this one quote,

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" - William Wordsworth

You want to write something worth? We have to make sure, when we write, it needs to come from our heart. So, that the words will comes out smooth as what you have imagine in your head. This is how I apply to myself, when I'm going to write on my blog, so, it will be something that I'm glad that I have share with you and it makes me happy.

By the same token, my inspiration to write has comes from all of you, the ideas and all that, sometimes, it is from you especially when you leave your comments on my blog, it definitely, sparks some ideas on me.

Also, when I go for blogwalking from blog to blog, it does give some inspiration to blog more, when I saw someone post about the tag that I have shared, and one that I created, also there is one blogger, who post a review about my blog( thank you, Siqahiqa!❤ ), it give me those energy, those inspiration to be actively blogging. You guys seriously, has touched my heart and for that, I am so thankful to get to know you guys.

Other than that, my inspiration also has come from the movie, drama and even books that I have watch/read. It is good, you know, to do all of this, because when you have been struck with writer's block or lost of inspiration to blog, these definitely will help you. The words you listen, the words you read, it will give you great ideas from it. This is also apply on watching youtube videos. Youtubers also give us a lot of amazing ideas!

Last but not least, the most inspiration that I have been received from day one I start to blog again is my parents and my sisters. They are my number one supporters! They have definitely motivate me, sharing some amazing ideas which, I am so thankful, for that. Yes, they know about my blog, they know, how much I love blogging, hence, thank you and i love you. (even though, they do not my blog url, but they certainly know, what I'm doing with my blog☺)

In addition, to get more inspiration to blog, I usually either go for window shopping or take a walk, get fresh air because you have the ideas but it is somehow at the state of buffering on your head not yet downloading the data to you, so, go out and see the world, you will indeed has the ideas download straight to you.

Or even, well, you may make a poll of which topics shall you share with your readers and post it on your social media, and wait for the voting begins.

This is how I find my inspiration to blog, it should be more than this but oh well, the ideas kind of stuck in my head not yet downloading. But anyway, that is that. Hoping it will be a good read to you and enjoy!



how do you find your inspiration?


  1. Everyday I meet different kind of people, so I can say I got inspiration from them :)

  2. Inspirasi kita ada yang sama.. Macam drama, buku dan filem.. keluarga juga..

  3. sama semua :D kecuali poll of topics. :)
    kekadang dalam kehidupan daily life pun ada je inspiration yg datang tetiba :D

  4. just like you, I find inspiration for blogging after blogwalking and reading.
    may us keep being inspired :)

  5. Yes, thats true what u're said, we must be write anything from the bottom of our heart..anyway, keep a good writing sis =)

  6. Great post and happy to know that your family supports you <3
    x Caroline

  7. Samalah, I got a lot of inspirations from movies, books, dramas and yes, Youtubers :)

  8. hehe Fatin pun tak pernah try lagi buat poll tuh, tapi maybe one day hehe :)
    setuju sangat dengan BV! :)

  9. May all of us will be more inspire to blog everyday :)

  10. Yup, that's so true :)
    Thank youuuu :D

  11. itulah...banyak persamaan kalau nak disharekan setiap blogger. saya suka belek2 pinterest...pastu bw...

    takpe as long as kita enjoy berblogging, it's okay...

  12. Me too mcm Fatina , blog walking ( which is recently susah nak buat sbb busy kerja sedih =,( .... ) ... , then movie , books ( even tak baca banyak sgt but ok lah kan , hihi ) .... surrounding , travelling .

    Nice to know you too in blogging world and share about books review pun sggh sini 😍

  13. tbh i feel so guilty when i abandon my blog for quite sometimes... (weeks or even month) but idk.......... :(

  14. Betul Fatina :) Menulis dari hati lebih sampai kepada pembaca. Insyallah. And I'm struggling with that. Siqah nak sampaikan sesuatu tapi kadang-kadang tak tahu nak put the ideas better in words :( I'm trying :)

    Always love your book review 😍