Winners of Nov - Dec Segment

November 15, 2016

winners of Nov - Dec Segment

I know I'm behind the schedule, was supposed to announce the winners this morning but being dragging a bit too long because was a bit busy since yesterday. So, without me writing way too long in this post.

Let's see the 15 winners, who is going to sit on my blog from 15 November till 31 December 2016.
Yeah, I change my mind. Supposedly until 16 December but then, I may going to be very busy next month, so, I guess its better for me to do it until end of December. ☺

Here is the winner;

  1. Present is Gift
  2. Zafirah
  3. Erni
  4. Niqqy
  5. Unni
  6. Nurulatika
  7. Cik Onie Chan
  8. Hani Fadlina
  9. Cik Renex
  10. Mommy Cici
  11. Nuraini Munira J
  12. Lea
  13. Nana
  14. Wani Sukarno
  15. Sviors

Yay!!! Congratulation to everyone and thank you everyone for joining my segment. It is nice to know you all :)


  1. Alhmuduliha.. Thks Fatina :) and Cogrt all ..

  2. Waahh... Thanks Fatin..
    dan congrats for the winners :D

  3. Alhamdulillah.. #12..

    THankz Fatina..

    Tahniah pada semua pemenang juga.. :)

  4. Alhamdulillah & Terima Kasih...
    Kengkawan... Jemput singgah jenjalan blog saya...

  5. Wow thanks he he and congrats to another winner too 😊

  6. Thanks dear! I'm having fun getting to know other bloggers as well~

    Mira | Pretty Little Things