15 Things You Don't Know About Me

November 27, 2016
15 Things You Don't Know About Me

Its 2 a.m in the morning, and as soon as this draft is publish, it will be in afternoon or might be in the evening. I don't know. Honestly, I couldn't sleep as there's a lot running through my mind, and yet with that, I still could reading and watching movie but nothing has really reach my heart and my mind. I just couldn't concentrate. Might be I feel sleepy. Nonetheless, I just want this post to be me. Just completely myself.

As I have been through post that I've had posted month by month, it seems that I have not really write something that really me and went to scroll down on bloglovin and I found something that catch my eyes to put in my blog! Hence, thinking of sharing bits of myself, to get close with you, my readers, of course. I'm going to do a 15 Things You Don't know About Me!

Let's get started!

# I'm 25 year old but people always thought I have just finish my SPM even my colleague thought that so. Thus, back then, when I work at a retail store, they treat me like a kid, not until, they asked me, how old I am and they are in shock, that time.

# A petite girl.

# I don't speak english with my friends.

# I love to bake cookies but I still do not know how to bake a cake! This is so frustrating. I-seriously-need-to-know-how-to-bake-a-cake!

# I don't wear make up. I don't even know how to wear make up. Hence, I always going out with a bare face, with only a lip balm or sometimes put some lipstick.

# I love to cook especially cooking vegetables because I love veggie so much. Everything I eat, must have vegetables in it, even if I eat bread with sambal, I must include at least cucumber with it.

# I used to hate pink, that I have always avoid it, even though my hello kitty collection is in pink -.- But I ain't hate it anymore, instead, I want all my thing in pink!

# My first reading collection that I have when I was a kid are Peter and Jane and Enid Blyton's series.

# I started to read malay novels when I was 15 years old.

# My hair used to be very curly back then, but when I was 18 years old, I do a hair rebonding. 😳

# I have been wearing spectacles since, I was 13 years old. I have never try, contact lenses.

# I don't like sushi. (sorry, sushi lover, please, don't get offended by this, it just, my appetite doesn't approve my taste.)

# I love chocolate so much. Everything must be chocolate. Only chocolate, do not add anything other than chocolates.

# I don't eat cheese but I eat pizza ._.

# When I was 4 years old, I run for my life because my grandpa's cat, somehow try to chase ( at least that is what, I thought so) me, hence, I have broken my two front teeth and since, that I'm afraid of cats and it lasts for almost 16 years and only when I was 19 y/o, my sister brought a cat to our home and I try to be friend with a cat again, and yes, I did, and now, my two cats are my best friend and they even sleep with me 😁

There you go, 15 Things You Don't Know About Me. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Anyway, how about you do this too. I would love to know about you too.


  1. Sama dengan Mai pasal kisah pink and kucing tu, hehehe. Dulu tak suka skrg dah serasi :P

    1. kan sekarang terlebih serasi dah hihi :D

  2. I used to thought that you are younger than me. When I read your author page I was surprised that you're older (not much tho) because you look so baby-face.

    and I love chocs too!

    yay kita gang. hahaha

    1. hihihi now, I feel like I should hide my real age :p

      yay! gang! *sep chocolates sikit* hahaha

  3. Fatinaaaa, baking a cake senang laaa hahaaa. ikut resepi je, settle!


    1. hehehe dah try but then I failed! Nangis, Erin! ikut resepi tapi failed, kena praktis lagi :D

  4. we are the opposite. i love sushi and hate chocolates. and i love cheese!

    1. you don't like chocolates, tyra? :O

  5. 1. i don't wear make up as well :)
    2. love veggie as well!
    3. I used to love pink, now I really try hard to avoid any pink stuffs
    4. I have never try contact lenses as well. Would love to try once but lenses for astigmatism seem to be expensive


    love to know these sides of you.


    1. what makes you try to avoid from any pink stuff? hee :)
      I want to try wear contact lenses but I'm scared :(

    2. Dunno. Maybe I lost interest to pink now. Haha used to be a fanatic.

  6. Love to know about you Fatina :)

    Mudanya la hai awak ni. Hihi. Dan bab tak pernah pakai contact lens, I love it. Siqah pun dah biasa pakai spec drpd contact lens.

    1. Thank you, Siqah :)
      Buatlah jugak awak, nak jugak tahu serba sedikit tentang Siqah :)

      hehehe tuhlah dah terbiasa pakai spec, tuh yg jadi cuak sikit nak masukkan dalam mata ni hehe :)

  7. Love this post, personal posts are always the best ;)

    x Caroline

  8. #3 you will speak in English more often when you start working life :D

    1. Yup, I do speaking english with my colleague, just not with my friends, that's all :)

  9. Hi, Fatina . Just found your blog and follow you.

    Nice blog you have . =)

    1. me too~ whenever a person who don't know me will thought that I'm still in school . Usually a question that they will asked " sekolah lagi ? " . " sekarang sekolah dah form brapa ? " , " sekolah dkt mana ? " ... hahaha pdhal umur dah tua kot . =p

    2. I'm petite too . Only 151cm height

    3. I'm not wearing makeup as well . But, usually to cover up my panda eyes I will use bb cream and lip balm . =)

    4. Oh my oh my , Perer and Jan enid blyton's . I read those too.


  10. Hi, Nadiah, thank you for following my blog, definitely going to visit your blog after this :D

    my height is about 153cm, I think. hihi :)

    anyway, nice to know a few things about you :)

  11. hihi so u are a bit taller than me .

    Yeay. Thanks .