The Unforgettables By G.L Thomas | ARC Review

October 8, 2016

The Ungforgettables

Title : The Unforgettables
Author : G.L Thomas
Pages : 182
Publisher : Rebellious Valkyrie Press
Publication Date : 12 September 2016
Genre : Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Format : e-ARC

Source: Received for review from Publisher through NetGalley

Synopsis : Neighbours and best friends Paul and Felicia hoped they'd be friends forever. But as they change, so does their friendship.

She shouldn't have kissed him..He shouldn't have liked it..

Starting school changed everything...

My Thoughts

Before I share my thoughts on this story, let me have a short beautiful words to described this sweetest story.

Lovely, sweet, romantic, annoying, madness, the best novel that would be enthrall readers' heart.

I am so thankful enough to be received this novel from the publisher. This YA Contemporary novel are definitely one of my favourite.

I was amazed by G.L Thomas's writing on 'The Unforgettables'. The story is about a girl named, Felicia Abelard, a smart, pretty girl, she's definitely has her own stands, no matter what people said to her, though her thinking may affected by the fear she need to encounter with her life..She's always trying her best to be a good daughter in the family, the fact that she need to face the 'mean girls' of her school but she's has totally said what need to be said to them, has given them shot of silence to not interfere with her anymore.

......and then, there's Paul, a guy who lived next to her house, Paul's family just moved from Chicago to Portland. Paul, who is handsome, smart, an amazing dancer and great in arts, though he has dyslexia but that is not something that he should be worry about because he has his own dreams on pursuing in arts.

This two lovebird has share same interest, which is on comic books and has make their own alter ego - Felicia, the Sidekick Supreme, while, Paul, the 8th Wonder. The authors has set forth things happening between teenagers' life, and thoughts about everything. Despite the mutual feelings that Paul and Felicia shared, they were also need to deal with disappointments, being rejected and be more understanding, support on each other and whatnot. Definitely this story has delivered many things into this one story.

"You were never my sidekick, you were always my hero."

Just how cheesy this two characters can get, have make me as a reader having multiples kind of emotion. It just, oh my god, you just have to read it by yourself. I really enjoyed the books. Totally recommended!

Rating : 


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