15 Facts About Me

September 13, 2016

15 facts about me

Its Tuesday and its the 2nd day of Eid ul adha. Because I still on my leave, hence, i decided to watch korean dramas, blogging but I am not yet in the mood of reading. Hiks Thus, I have been getting this idea of blog - fun facts about me, myself and I. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading, after all, its just a simple facts about me! So, let's get into it. :)

15 Facts About me
  1. I don't know how to make up (except applying foundation/moisturizer on my face)
  2. A small petite girl.
  3. I love chocolate. Even at Starbucks I'll only order chocolate drinks.
  4. I don't drink coffee.
  5. I am in the middle of introvert and extrovert kind of person.
  6. As you know, I love books very much! I've been reading since I was in pre-school. 
  7. My first book is Peter and Jane and then, I upgraded to Enid Blyton's stories book.
  8. I have an experience in working at a bookstores.
  9. I am a very sensitive person. I cried easily, either watching any sad scene on dramas/movies and even when I read.
  10. I like to wear hats/beanies. Hence, I have tons of it.
  11. I love blue, pink, and purple.
  12. I want to be a writer.
  13. I enjoy and love cooking.
  14. I am obsess with watching Masterchef US/Australia and My Kitchen Rules.
  15. I pierced both of my ears last month after 13 years of unpierced because I'm afraid. lol.
I guess that's all 15 facts about me. I challenge any of you, who have reading mine to do it too! :)



  1. nyesal baca sbb kena challenge balik. hahaha. key fine, will be nice add to my post then. esok baru post. haha.

  2. Yay! Go Eyqa! Can't wait to read yours hihi ;D

  3. hahaha, bila baca ayat last, aisehhhh.

    we are quite the same for 1,3,4,5.

    my ear piercing hole already close I think. I have allergy to earrings.


    1. hihihi aisehhh man, buat tau Hanis! hihi :D
      sama lah cuma worse is my left ear dah tutup, so telinga kanan je lah bertindiknya hahaha :D

  4. Will do later. Anything for you. Cewahhhh haha

    1. awww sweetnya awak :D tak sabar kita nak baca macam ni :D

  5. ambivert! same here!!! hehehehehhe

    yang nombor satu pun sama... baru nak belajar dan seakannya ambil masa yg agak lama kot...

    1. yay! sep sikit :D

      kan ambil masa sikit lah nak belajar make up ni hehe :D pening betul adui hihi

  6. No 1 dgn 9 sama sangat haha. bty haaaiiiiiiii :)

    1. claudy!!! been missing you!!! OMG!!!

  7. Alamak.. dah baca sampai habis..
    Kena buat lah ye.. hehehe..
    Insya Allah nanti Akak try sahut cabaran nie..
    Lama dah x pakai subang sejak umur 12 tahun..
    Tapi lubang masih ada.. x tertutup.. Cuma x boleh pakai..
    Nanti gatal2..

  8. Okay.. done buat entry..
    jemput singgah ye..

  9. no 6 is same like me! Hehe. Up entri ini jugaklah nanti. yang 10 things pun tak buat lagi. hehe. nice post fatin :)